Michaela Foulkes

My name is Michaela Foulkes, I am a self-described Body & Biohacker, which means that I’ve used my body as a living laboratory in order to figure out what does what, & how to have more of what I want.
I get the body.  I understand the mechanical nature of it’s levers & pullies (bones & muscles), how pain shows up where there’s weakness, how inflammation & a lack in cellular nutrition is at the root of much of our culture’s health crisis, & how getting, “older”, does not have to necessarily result in looking & feeling older.
My personal mission is to feel free and to help others to feel free.  Always 😉  I do this in the realm of fat loss, health, strength & comfort, as well as with income generation.  I don’t like limits, & I prefer to live a life free of them.  Perhaps you’ll join me.

USANA Health Sciences

As a personal user of USANA Health Science’s pharmaceutical grade supplements since 2005, I not only understands what goes into these products, but also how significantly they impact the body.  Inflammation is at the root of most of our modern day degenerative diseases (heart disease, cancer, etc) & these product’s science based & backed formulations help offset and reverse that. The fact is that chronology matters less, and lifestyle matters more in the realm of health, vitality, and weight-loss/maintenance, & these products help in that effort immeasurably.


Fat Burning Mode

Think losing weight is impossible, or impossible to keep off once you do??  Cravings, frequent hunger or low energy describe some of the symptoms attached to the biological state of Sugar Burning.  I work extensively with people looking to get out of a Sugar Burning mode and into a Fat Burning mode, which initially affects one’s waistline as well as inflammation and overall health. There are 5 things that affect fat loss, and once you understand the pieces that make up the puzzle, you’ll not only be able to lose & maintain an ideal weight – but be able to have your cake and eat it too (indulgence can be a useful tool) – for life.

 “Life without limits, both inside and out.”

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