Aging is Optional

Hello Dear One!

OK!  And OMGoddess!

Are you well aware (by now, please oh please) of precisely how much SAY you have on the subject of your physicality, physiology, & biology??

Do the words – diet, exercise, cellular nutrition (ahem USANA), & mindset mean anything to you on the matter of looking great & feeling amazing?!?!?!!

If not, the lovely Gabby Reece might make another notable mark in either belief (or disbelief) around how MUCH control we have regarding the body that we inhabit.

A few years ago I heard Dr. Oz speak in person where he made the statement that our genes actually matter more when we’re young, & less when we’re old.

Fancy that!  Wow!  No life sentence for the genetic lot that we’ve drawn!

Instead on-going choice & FREEDOM!  Yes please!!!

So if you’d like to take a gander at an article that shares some of what makes this 47 year Model, former Pro Volley Ball playing Mother of 3 CONTINUE to kick ass visibly & in life – please check this out.

Oh, & I hope her approach to food will NOT be wasted on you (cough, cough, Fat Burning).

Should you wish to see where you are on the spectrum Sugar Burning vs Fat Burning wise, & what you might wish to do about it, please give this a look-see as well.

To helping you to NOT feel OLD!!  😀


& to getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M