Go with Your Gut

Hello Dear One!

DO you listen to & trust yourself?

Do you follow your internal wisdom to a tee, or can you barely hear the silent whispers that might rise up from time to time?

If communication from the inside feels beyond quiet OR INCONSEQUENTIAL – I hope this sharing might change things.

The beauty about being a human is that we have an innate intelligence that keeps us safe, helps us turn towards the beneficial, & gets us from A to B on a regular basis.

We also have a BIG ASS BRAIN that aids us in figuring out complex problems, strategizing for the future, & allows for us to disseminate & assimilate new info.


But not useful ALL the time.

A life that stems from the mind only is ROUGH.

There’s a sense of detachment, rigidity, & usually ANXIETY!

If you always need to know more information in order to either make a decision or to feel in control or comfortable – you will be continually waging a war that spurns fear, uncertainty & often agitation.

BUT if you learn to pay attention to & trust yourself & the guidance you’re being given – the world (both internal AND external) take on a VERY different hue.

You’re always right.  Even when you think you’re wrong, or you don’t want to be right – you are always right.

(& even when your first impulse is not the end of the story, you will get to the ultimate conclusion by following what SEEMS right FIRST.)

Inclined to go someplace in particular?  Feel off or unsettled?  Have a re-occurring crazy thought about an activity?  Want to eat LOADS of something specific?

(Cravings for sugar are different!  See where you fall:  https://www.michaelafoulkes.com/are-you-a-sugar-burner/ ESPECIALLY if you wish to be free of such things!)

Your Gut will never steer you wrong, your Mind will keep you running in circles.

How to disengage from one & rely more heavily on the other?

Start with amplifying the quiet impulses.

“I want to go to bed now.”

“I’d like to sit in the sun during lunch.”

“I’d love to go to Greece.”

“This movie SUCKS.”

“This person is draining.”

“This dress makes me feel SO sexy!!”

Just acknowledge it.  Repeat it.  Own it.  ENJOY it!

Every aspect of our conscious being seems to act like a muscle.

If it’s underused it will also be underdeveloped – but by working it, that will change.

A being divided is often weak, in turmoil, out of control, fearful, & EXHAUSTED!!!!

Let this not be you.

If you’re not rocking the party that is your divine wisdom & guidance YET, let’s BEGIN!

The future is bright when ALL of you is on board.

Loving you up & making you right for precisely what is so.


To getting you clear on how the body & BEING works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M