Protein! Not a Panacea!!

Hello Darling One!

Do you think Protein is the macronutrient to focus on if weight loss is your goal?

Have you likened it to a Super Food & worried if you were getting enough, especially if you were working out??

Where most people turn if they desire to lose weight is towards Protein & Produce, &  while focusing more on vegetables (as fruits & vegetables are NOT interchangeable!) can certainly decrease your caloric load, as well as be supportive in the hormone camp – protein is NOT all it’s cracked up to be as FUEL.

As far as macronutrients go Protein & Carbohydrates have about 4 calories per gram, & Fat has almost double – at 7 calories for the same serving.

Protein additionally has a couple feathers in it’s cap for the amount of calories it requires to BURN in order to break it down (the thermogenic effect of food), as well as it being a macronutrient that (in small amounts) stimulates the release of a hormone called Glucagon – which incidentally is a fat releasing hormone.

OK!!!!  Well those things sound GREAT!!!  Why are we not eating more of the glorious substance then???

Well, as most things are not completely black or white – there’s a touch of grey in this one too.  However the rest of the story may make a compelling argument to NOT hang your hat on it for the bulk of your nutrition.

The deal w Protein is that it IS necessary.  Protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of life.  We need amino acids to build & repair tissue, so w/ that understanding we probably need differing amounts depending on the stage of life we are in & specifically how we’re using our bodies at any given moment in time.

Where people often go wrong w/ this substance is relying on it heavily as their main source of energy – which is a recipe for disaster.

Our cells (mitochondria specifically) have actually EVOLVED to run on fat (triglycerides) – (see more on that matter here: ), but are also able to adaptively dumb it down & also run on sugar (glucose).  They are not meant to run on protein (amino acids).

Most people are in a Sugar Burning mode (to see where you fall, check out this questionnaire: ), & when that is the case the body stores some extra glucose for safe keeping when you might be running close to empty.

For every stored molecule of glucose (= glucagon) there are 3 molecules of water surrounding it.

When one cuts WAY back on the carbohydrates, the body happily goes through it’s reserves (as well as that water) thinking it will be getting a re-up ASAP – & the inhabitant of that body is rewarded w/ seemingly dramatic weight loss & a VERY lean look FAST.

The only issue w/ this is that in short time the body starts to feel like it’s at risk of starving, as it’s not getting the fuel it desires.

What happens when your body feel compromised in the realm of food?

It battens down the hatches!

It slows the metabolism, it starts to break muscles down to access the glucose housed in them for energy, & then each time the body buckles & bottoms out out of desperation & MAKES you eat some processed carbohydrate (that you think is simply a matter of your weak will) – it stores those calories as fat because of it’s uncertainly as to when you will be back feeding it like usual again.


That’s right.

Oh crap, & the cruelest twist in all this (especially if you’re thinking this is how things SHOULD be going) is that your muscle mass is slowly & steadily going down resulting in an incrementally lowered caloric need, which is more than likely NOT in your awareness – possibly resulting in inadvertently over feeding.

No, no, no, no, no.

Oh wait!  I almost forgot!!  OMG.  This way of eating is also so JOYLESS & HUNGER inducing!!!  And craving filled!!  Because your body is NOT happy w/ what it being given, resulting in it calling out for MORE & for more easily accessed sugar.

& if we weren’t already avoiding carbohydrates for a reason – eating more of them in an out of control way = MURDER for a diet.

Ok, so what to do???  Get in a Fat Burning mode!!!  Or at least learn about it in order to see some more logic if you’ve yet to attain what you desire.  Honestly.  If you think the road to a slimmer waist line, improved health, better sleep, & more energy has to be HARDthink again.

Or learn about it here, & then think again.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M