You Do What You’re Told.

Hello My Darling!
If that statement got your ire up I hope you still recognize that it’s actually true! 😀
Our bodies receive the information they are given & DO what they’ve been instructed to do!
This is so BLISSFULLY apparent in the realm of Fat Burning when one can LITERALLY shift the type of fuel that is being run on(?!?), & have a different inward & outward expression of the body as a result.
Wishing for weight loss or improved health through changing the foundation of your Biology is GENIUS!!!
This ensures you’re not fighting a rising tide, but instead working with it.
SO much easier!!  Thank you!
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Yet another HIGHLY influential aspect of yourself is your BRAIN!!
So frequently (& tragically) we sign up for self limiting beliefs based on our past, which more than likely create outcomes we’re not actually in favor of.
Apparently the Power of Suggestion is just that.
When we lock in on a thought/belief about how something will be – it affects our behavior (& more) in relationship to that creating that outcome.
When we anticipate a circumstance coming to be, we PLAN for it.  Our body shifts in anticipation of it.  And that both aids in it happening, & in us having the __________ experience that we expected.
IF you’d like to read a little more on this matter, & how you can use this to your advantage, please click here:
And then lastly, chose wisely.  Your body, & brain, are meant to support you in having what you want, in feeling incredible, & living a vital & full life.
Tell it what to do in accordance with what you truly desire, & let it aid you in having all your heart wishes for.
To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.
xoxo, M