Frustrated with Fat Loss?  Tried Everything??

 If FUEL has yet to become a 4 letter word for you, it very well might after taking this quiz.
See what’s making you run AND what’s possibly gumming up the works for your waistline AND your health. 


Are You a Sugar Burner?


Take this quick questionnaire to find out. It could change your life forever!

Question #1: I crave candy or coffee/caffeine in afternoons.

Question #2: I suffer from frequent fatigue or fuzzy thinking that eating relieves.

Question #3: I am very hungry first thing in the morning.

Question #4: I can’t easily go more than 3-4 hours without getting hungry.

Question #5: I usually drink more than one cup of coffee or cola a day.

Question #6: I often feel weak or dizzy if I wait more than 3-4 hours to eat.

Question #7: I often get “shaky” when I’m hungry.

Question #8: I often get moody or irritable before meals.

Question #9: Eating often relieves my fatigue.

Question #10: I often crave sweets and/or caffeine between meals.

Question #11: I prefer sweets and starches over all other kinds of food.

Question #12: I can’t fall asleep at night without a snack before bed.

Question #13: I need coffee/caffeine to get going in the morning.

Question #14: I have a difficult time maintaining my ideal weight.

Question #15: If I awake at night, I can’t easily go back to sleep without a snack.

Question #16: I’m often tired or drowsy at work.

Question #17: Once I begin eating sweets, it is very difficult for me to stop.

Question #18: I get anxious and/or depressed when I’m hungry.

Question #19: I frequently nibble food between meals because of hunger.

Question #20: I frequently awake in the middle of the night hungry.

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