Ownshershit. #ownership

Hello Dear One!

OOF!  If stuff in the media had you reeling last week over sexual abuse & misconduct in Hollywood & beyond – you are NOT alone.

One element that became most noticeable for me regarding harm OR health – is the aspect of ownership.

Women have NOT been typically taught to OWN THEIR SHIT.

To object when something doesn’t feel right.

To say, “No!”, to what they don’t want.

To say, “YES!!”, to what they do!

To be loud & proud about their body & their beliefs.

This is a BIG subject, but I wanted to graze the tip of the iceberg with insight from education I’ve received & current study that I’m doing.

Your truth is EVERYTHING.  Everything.

Your truth is the only thing you actually own.

It is the thing that will guide you surely & easily through life, & the thing that will  keep you SAFE.

Your truth connects you to yourself, to others, & LITERALLY will set you free.

There is no, “maybe”, about what is true for you.  Yes or No.  Whatever is so is RIGHT for you, not a perception of, “right”, being what’s meant for you.

When we dishonor our truth is when we HURT OURSELVES.

We are logical creatures, & if we go against ourselves (even in seemingly benign ways) that offense will come back to get us in SOME way – in that moment or in the future (a deeper dive on this another day).

We often live life through the lens of the mind which is HARD & deadening.

But if we were to instead trust how things feel & OWN OUR SHIT – what would that look like?

Not apologizing for what we think/feel/do.

Taking responsibility for our part in our participation in life.

Celebrating our victories!

Being proud of who we are & what we’re doing!

Loving ALL of us because it’s who we ARE!!

Being gentle with ourselves when we don’t honor ourself, & being honest about what we need in order to do so.

And more importantly how does it FEEL?????

Oh my….  FREEING!  Fun!  Elating!  Alive!!  Joyous!  Expansive!  Harmonious!  Loving!  Unifying!  Glorious!  RIGHT!

This is not an easy feat for EITHER gender, but truth be told – Women have had WAY more encouragement to ignore themselves & tolerate a LOAD of crap, including normalizing behaviors of self criticism & judgement.


But this trend does not have to continue to a greater or lesser degree if NOT desired.

What to do if any of this speaks to you & you wish to feel more in love with & at peace with yourself?

(Which incidentally has HUGE repercussions for every aspect of your life?!?!?)

So glad you asked. 😉

Step 1:  Get Educated!

If you’re a woman who wants to LOVE being a woman (or a man who LOVES women & wishes to understand them better) & understand more about how to step more fully into a Feminine (vs Masculine or Patriarchal) way of navigating the world:

PUSSY – a reclamation, by Regena Thomashauer is a GREAT place to start.

This Woman’s Work has changed THOUSANDS of women’s (& MEN’S) lives with her insight & teachings.  Heaven sent.

And if understanding both the COST & VALUE of telling the Truth seems somewhat important:

Radical Honesty, by Brad Blanton is WONDERFUL.  Big time paradigm shifting.

Step 2:  Live it.

That might seem easier said than done, but your tribe will come (if it’s not already present) – & if you’d like more insight into a community that supports you being YOU, please be in touch.

It’s kind of impossible to do big stuff alone, so please know that you’re not.

You are necessary & needed, & the more plain we are with our truth & the more proud we are of every aspect of ourselves the better we will treat ourselves & the better we will be in this world.

Standing by your side & loving you very, very, very, very much.

To getting you clearer on how the body (& BEING) works, & how to make YOU work for you.

xox, M