The Carrot, the Whip, or the Feather.

Hello My Darling!

Have you ever motivated yourself to do something of epic proportions?

Or something casual & on the daily?

How do you, “incentivize”. yourself to stick with the task at hand until it’s ultimate conclusion?

Do you hold your breath & paddle furiously until you can come up for air & receive your carrot at the end?

Or do you stand over yourself breathing down your neck holding a whip waiting for you to deviate so you can lash yourself back into line??

Do either of these approaches really work?  Or make completing a larger than life task attractive or seductive to any degree??

Probably not.

And if there’s something that you’ve been either wishing to, or needing to do – this alternative approach might serve you infinitely better.

The third option in this line up is the Feather.

What the Feather represents is pleasure NOW.


Pleasure despite the laborious task that’s underway.

Pleasure to ENSURE this challenging undertaking is not only more enjoyable, but that it also actually HAPPENS.

Humans are wired to both avoid pain & reach for pleasure.

If the item that has a supreme need for attention & completion is SO UNPLEASANT for you – chances are you will avoid that puppy like the plague.

But if you couple it with PLEASURE…

= light candles, purchase flowers, wear something that makes you feel sexy/powerful, take frequent breaks, DANCE, play it up to others, make a game out of it, have a teammate from afar that’s also doing something high caliber that you can brag about each small victory to as you attain them, HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

…it will not only HAPPEN, & happen more easily, but you will ENJOY yourself during this formerly perceived arduous task.

When we aim to enjoy ourselves NOW, & truthfully to enjoy EVERYTHING – life is MAGICAL.

Truly.  And that is our choice.  

So whether we’re aiming to delight in something expectedly pleasurable, or assumedly not – we will.

But if we can make the thing that feels like a necessary evil into something that feels divine – we get to have our cake WHILE we’re eating it too. 😉


To getting you clearer on how the body (& BEING) works, & how to make it work for you.  xox, M