Tough Enough when things are ROUGH.

Hello My Darling One,

BLAH!!!  What happens when it feels like EVERYTHING is chaotic & turning to crap?!?

When you can’t seem to do the thing intended, again, & you feel like you simply either have to, “try harder”, or just give up?

Well, what if there was a third option?

What if the biological make up you’ve put into place helped you weather MORE than you both THINK it should, & in some respects, actually wish it could. 😳

Here’s the deal.

DEPENDING on where we are based on commitment, opportunity & EMOTIONALLY 😤😫 – we MAY or may NOT be taking part in offerings that are super supportive. 😬

Or we may not BE in a place that’s super SUPPORTED. 😭

What often happens when an aspect of our world feels TOTALLY out of control, WE also feel out of control.

& if you tend to self soothe by putting something in your mouth (liquid or solid) like the bulk of the population, it’s easy to feel like ALL is lost.

I’m pretty vocal about the reason why I know about Fat Burning is due to my own struggles w emotional eating.

The program I created as a result – Fat Burning Mastery (5 week program), is really an education as to how NOT gain weight despite that tendency, as well as tools & reinforced behaviors to discharge the DRIVE to STUFF THINGS DOWN**.

When we feel out of control & we reach for something we didn’t intend to, AGAIN, it can feel POINTLESS to keep trying because we’re just going to keep failing anyway. 😞

I get that.

I also get that if you both understand HOW to offset that out of control over indulgence in a way that feels comfortable biologically (no hunger here!), AND we’re redirected to look at what ACTUALLY needs attention (using certain tools in Fat Burning Mastery) – we LITERALLY get to have our melt down, & not suffer from the cake we’ve eaten too.

My aim is to help people understand how weight loss works, & to know how to lose weight DESPITE the odds – not in favor of them.

It’s super easy to go on a retreat & have a controlled environment & be positively affected from all the supportive behaviors & foods choices.

Or to completely AVOID environments & options that could pose a less than desirable outcome if entertained.


And it’s far more complicated to not succumb to LIFE & feel like it’s not worth trying because of how imperfectly we’re doing what’s intended.

I get that.

When schedules are hectic & full of non-stop events & late nights – I’m so grateful for Fat Burning. 

When things feel ROUGH emotionally with either the process of, or the need for 😫, change – I’m so grateful for Fat Burning.

It’s a state MADE for imperfection & indiscretion, & it’s endlessly forgiving.

Of course all things have limits, but the wiggle room with this biological state is LARGE.

Wanting to have FUN with what’s around you & the people in it is GREAT!!  That’s LIVING!!!

Knowing how to literally have your cake & eat it too, & not LOOK like you have 😳, is USEFUL.

Feeling like a total maniac & wishing to NOT keep participating in behavior that doesn’t serve is so painfully understandable.

But gaining weight when you already feel like shit seems like being kicked when you’re already down.

Let’s not do that.

If understanding how to shift your body into a mode that is hugely helpful for your HEALTH as well as your WAISTLINE might be worth learning a bit more about – check out this 5 day series on the matter.

We’re all doing the best that we can, & the more we can deliberately add elements into our life that allow for more grace – the better.

Loving you very, very, very, very much.

To getting you clearer on how the body works, & how to make it work for you.

xox, M

**Learning how to EXPRESS your emotions & discharge energetic build ups, are part of Fat Burning Mastery.  If people need/want more in depth coaching or counseling – there are other professionals I recommend.